S2E15: Never Forgotten

The Boy in the Box The Bowraville Murders As we’ve discussed on the show as well as across social media, we want to share resources for people to be able to educate themselves on what is happening to indigenous communities across the world. For Australia. For aboriginals. https://www.worldvision.com.au/global-issues/work-we-do/supporting-indigenous-australia We at KCH, have been signing petitionsContinue reading “S2E15: Never Forgotten”

S2E13: Don’t be a Doctor

The Expressionless There are multiple “go-fund-me” and other crowdsource site projects for short films of the Expressionless online. It’s become a popular story to make into a film adaptation The short film directed by Micheal Gallagher https://youtu.be/pdapv333D-s The Toxic Woman Gloria may have caused her toxicity by using DMSO as a cure all treatment forContinue reading “S2E13: Don’t be a Doctor”

S2E9 Collectors Edition

The Russian Doll Man – Anatoly Moskvin Despite reportedly living a secluded life and never dating, moskvin reported that he planned to marry a 25-year-old native of his hometown who attended his trial. The piece moskvin worked on for riabov was never published. Although the editor, alexei yesin, thought it was “unique” and “priceless” MoskvinContinue reading “S2E9 Collectors Edition”

S2E4 Going Down?

The Hotel Cecil the Cecil Hotel has since been renamed and rebranded as “Stay on Main” in hopes to separate from the disturbing past. Multiple people have reported seeing spirits roaming the halls and stairwells of the hotel Cecil. Check out the full Elisa Lam surveillance footage here: https://youtu.be/_rfLSVIA0L0 Recently a lot of theories aroundContinue reading “S2E4 Going Down?”