Creative Team

Like many things, KCH is a collaborative effort. With the help of our music and art directors, we bring the world of killers, cryptids & hauntings to life.


Audio Engineer

“I love creepy stuff, and while I’m fairly new at it I love working in audio. I just finished interning at a boutique studio and now I’m trying to start making a name for myself. I’m the owner of Lonely Home Studios, and I wanna be the best home production facility in New Jersey.”

Chris is the newest member of Killers, Cryptids & Hauntings. He is the magic behind the scenes making us sound fantastic!

Follow his studio: @lonely_home_studios on instagram
Follow his personal: @christoph_doms on instagram


Art Director

“I’m a witchy employee of @shopthe8thhouse (instagram) by day, freelance artist by night. Anytime in between is spent playing video games or with my darling angel cat peppermint patty.”

Hansen is a close friend and a wickedly tallented artist who creates all of the stunning art work used for our show

Follow him: @starrmakerr on instagram


Season One Music Director

“My life consists of three things, punk music, horror movies, and writing music for my band. My favorite horror movie is 31 by Rob Zombie and my favorite “horror story” is about the legend of the samhein.”

Jon is a close friend and a wonderful artist who writes all of the beautifully chilling music that we love

Follow him: @jon.coyle99 on instagram

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