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S3E10: The Way You Possess Me Killers, Cryptids & Hauntings

With Halloween right around the corner we delve into the mysteries of possession. Are all cases of possession real or just an excuse for bad behavior? 
  1. S3E10: The Way You Possess Me
  2. S2E9: Double Trouble
  3. S3E8: God Complex
  4. S3E7: Our Pride and Joy
  5. S3E5: Creepin Across America; PT 1

S2E14: Behind the Exorcism

The Exorcist Casting troubles; Jack Nicholson was among A-listers up for the part of father Karras. According to Friedkin, Paul Newman also wanted to portray Karras Three A-list actresses of the time were considered for Chris. Friedkin first approached Audrey Hepburn, who said she was willing to take the role but only if the movieContinue reading “S2E14: Behind the Exorcism”

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