S2E5 15 Seconds of Fame

Balloon Boy The news of the boy being trapped in the balloon lead the local police and National Guard helicopters to follow the balloon as it reached heights of 7000 feet in the air. The flight lasted about an hour and a half and flew about 50 miles away. The balloon was actually flying saucerContinue reading “S2E5 15 Seconds of Fame”

S2E4 Going Down?

The Hotel Cecil the Cecil Hotel has since been renamed and rebranded as “Stay on Main” in hopes to separate from the disturbing past. Multiple people have reported seeing spirits roaming the halls and stairwells of the hotel Cecil. Check out the full Elisa Lam surveillance footage here: https://youtu.be/_rfLSVIA0L0 Recently a lot of theories aroundContinue reading “S2E4 Going Down?”

S2E3 Malicious or Misunderstood?

Melon Heads The 2011 film “The Melonheads” was based on the Michigan legend of these large headed creatures. Cannibalism started as a way to survive for the melon heads but now is more of a defense mechanism to protect their new society. Mothman there is a mothman statue in point pleasant West Virginia. The statueContinue reading “S2E3 Malicious or Misunderstood?”

S2E2 Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Vampires Vampires and Werewolves have been linked rivals for ever, but the real question is; which is better? vampires never show signs of aging and will appear to stay the same age they were when turned into a vampire. Vampires pale skin most likely stems from the diseases vampirism was mistaken for as many causeContinue reading “S2E2 Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

KCH Ep. 9: Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality vs. quantity: a question that can be applied to most things such as food, clothes, makeup, art, friends, and yes, even killers. In most cases quality trumps quantity, but we need some help deciding here. Sylvia Likens was a 16 year old girl who was brutally tortured and sodomized by those supposed to careContinue reading “KCH Ep. 9: Quality Vs. Quantity”

KCH Ep. 8: Slender Man and the LaLaurie Mansion

Hey it’s us again back with some cool stories. Slender Man, Skuknder Mang, Danger Noodle Friend, whatever name you call him I bet you are familiar with the internet’s boogie man. Slender Man has stolen all of our hearts, and all of our kids. Be sure not to catch the Slender Sickness this flu season!Continue reading “KCH Ep. 8: Slender Man and the LaLaurie Mansion”

KCH Ep. 7: Ed Gein and the Wendigo

This week we decided to discuss two of the darkest examples we have of serial killers and cryptids. You wouldn’t want to get into a costume contest with this guy because he steals everyone’s look. We present Ed Gein : the inspiration for our beloved Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) and Norman Bates (Psycho)Continue reading “KCH Ep. 7: Ed Gein and the Wendigo”

KCH Ep. 6: The Casanova Killer and the Larnach Castle

Here we are back to the old grind as usual with a classic serial killing and haunting pair. We all dream of our very own Casanova. Qualifying traits of a Casanova would be a man who is very fond of women and has many love affairs, as well as a man who seduces ( orContinue reading “KCH Ep. 6: The Casanova Killer and the Larnach Castle”