S2E13: Don’t be a Doctor

The Expressionless

The Expressionless in Film

There are multiple “go-fund-me” and other crowdsource site projects for short films of the Expressionless online. It’s become a popular story to make into a film adaptation

The original creepypasta image
The full story

The short film directed by Micheal Gallagher https://youtu.be/pdapv333D-s

The Toxic Woman

Gloria Ramirez

Gloria may have caused her toxicity by using DMSO as a cure all treatment for her cervical cancer.

Doctors in hazmat transporting Gloria

Gloria’s body was not buried until 10 weeks after he death. Her family had to wait two months after extreme deterioration in order to gain possession of her body. But could not get a proper private autopsy as her heart was missing and many of her organs were contaminated with her own fecal matter.

Doctors fainted around patient

Gloria’s visit to the ER caused 5 of the hospital staff to be hospitalized, one who remained in the ICU for two weeks

Gloria and her affects

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