S2E10 Where Spirits Hide

The Dybbuk Box

Zak Bagans Museum

You can only visit the Dybbuk box at the Haunted Museum if you are 18 or older and sign a liability waiver.

Post Malone had a series of 3 unfortunate events after a crazy experience with the Dybbuk Box with Zak Bagans.

Depiction of a Dybbuk
The Box

The Dybbuk box first publicly appeared on EBay when its first known owner, Kevin Mannis, posted a listing after his experiences with the box became too much to handle.

A better look inside the box
The play; the Dybbuk or Between Two Worlds

There was a movie made about the dybbuk box in 2019 called “The Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers”

Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll

Robert is a one of a kind hand made doll. Whether you believe it was a gift with a voodoo curse or not is up for discussion

A Better Look at Robert’s Display

The first hint that something out of the ordinary was happening was one night when Gene, who was only ten years old, awoke to find Robert the Doll sitting at the end of his bed staring at him. Moments later his mother was awakened by his screams for help and the sounds of furniture being overturned in her son’s bedroom

The East Martello Museum

The East Martello Fort was transformed into a museum in 1950. With a score of volunteers they cleared away years of debris to restore the monument and transform it into the museum we know today

The East Martello fort was actually never completed as a fort before the civil war

Robert During his Move

Staff members of the Martello report that Robert’s facial expression changes, hearing demonic giggling and have even seen Robert put his hand up to the glass

The Custom House Museum
Robert’s Apology Wall

Robert is still a very popular tourist destination even with the fear and warnings. Though usually that makes visiting haunted objects that much better

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