S2E7 Til Death Do Us Part

Carl Tanzler

Carl Tanzler

WWI autobiographical account “The Trial Bay Organ: A Product of Wit and Ingenuity” by “Carl von Cosel” details his stay in Australia before and his internment during the Great War, as well as his subsequent return to Germany after the War

After the events with miss Elena, Tanzler wrote an autobiography that appeared in the magazine Fantastic Adventures, in 1947.

Elena, before Tanzler
Elena, after Tanzler

An article written by Michelfelder in 1982 tells of how renovation workers found a note allegedly written by Tanzler, confessing to have killed Elena by poisoning her: “She died because I gave this to her mercifully. I mixed the root of wolfsbane (monkshood) with aconite diluted. It was palatable and my loved one departed this miserable world on October 25, 1931. Suffer no more sweet Elena. I have sent you to the angels with my golden elixir…”

Tanzler at work as a radiology technologist

Later in life Tanzler moved. His new home was near his wife Doris, who apparently helped to support Tanzler in his later years.

Patrick Wayne Kearney- The Freeway Killer // the trash bag killer

The Trash Bag Killer

Kearney regularly drained the blood from the body parts to avoid strong odors.

Kearney would take the bullets out of his victims heads in order to avoid trancing of the bullet to him if the bodies were found

Kearney would also take time to wash body parts before disposing of them to also avoid smells while ridding them of finger prints.

The Wanted Poster for Patrick Wayne Kearney and David Douglas Will

John Lamay was his last victim

Kearney’s Last Victim

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