KCH Ep. 10: Highway to Hell

I am as big of a fan of AC/DC as anyone else, but is there an actual Highway to Hell?? If there is we’re determined to find it.

Clinton Road is an old town road in NJ that is shrouded in mystery. From satanists to aliens this highway has it all. Ghost boy? Yes. Traps set by demons to lure you to your death? You betchya. What doesn’t this highway have? Thats right, a saving grace.

5 spooky spots in New Jersey

Forget about a highway that takes you to hell. How about hell, or the prince of, takes you to a highway? We can neither confirm or deny that this man is the devil, but he’s sure close enough. William Bonin spent his glory days kidnapping, raping, torturing, and strangling young male hitchhikers before dumping them at various highways.

Southern California's Freeway Killer: The Twisted Life and Crimes of William  Bonin | Notorious AMP

After our findings we have concluded that….we should all just stick to back roads.

As always we’ll see you next time and stay creepy!

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