KCH Ep. 7: Ed Gein and the Wendigo

This week we decided to discuss two of the darkest examples we have of serial killers and cryptids.

You wouldn’t want to get into a costume contest with this guy because he steals everyone’s look. We present Ed Gein : the inspiration for our beloved Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) and Norman Bates (Psycho) makes a splash in true crime as well as fashion. The grave robbing Mama’s boy completed his portfolio with a nipple belt, and a human skin corset. You won’t find Faux Fur in this guy’s closet, he likes the real thing.

The Wendigo (hereby referred to as Wendy) is a terrifying cousin of the skin walker who can be summoned by name. The Wendy will take you down in any chicken finger eating contest, as long as you substitute it with human fingers. Wendy is definitely a foodie with an appetite, and yes we wish were talking about the lovable redhead who never steers us wrong.

As always, stay creepy and we’ll catch ya next time!

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