KCH Ep. 4: The Fresno Nightcrawler, Squonks, and Mother Shipton

The Fresno Nightcrawler, although having no relation to the X-men variety is just as if not more charming. The question does have to be asked, is this a cutie cryptid or just another deer butt in disguise?

The Squonk is perhaps equally as lovable as the Fresno nightcrawler/deer butt, however for very different reasons. Looks is not one of the reasons.

Mother Shipton, having lived with a face not even a mother could love, lived a long and fulfilling life. Fulfilling prophecies that is. From the internet to the end of the world, this fourteenth century woman covered it all. What do you make of what has been foretold?

Read her prophetic poem here

As always, we’ll see you next time and stay creepy!

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