KCH Ep. 3: The Dating Game Killer and Hide and Seek…Alone

Rodney Alcala: worse than Ted Bundy and more charming than Charles Manson. Watch him in action on the Dating Game.

Hide and Seek Alone/ Hide and Seek and Kill is a terrifying game that gives a new chilling angle to fan favorites like Toy Story and Ted. Below is my list of reasons why should never EVER play.

  1. It’s a possessed doll. Isn’t that enough?
  2. It involves blood magic. BLOOD MAGIC.
  3. You LITERALLY invite a demon into your house with the goal of possessing you for what? A sense of pride? Go do a puzzle.
  4. Seriously if you need any other reasons you are delusional.

As always, we’ll see you next time and stay creepy!

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