Malcolm & Tori

Get ready to be transported into a world full of the peculiar. A world where we dive into our morbid curiosity.  Analyzing the minds of serial killers, the lives of cryptids, and the reality of the paranormal. Join us as we discover the lore and uncover the facts of all things creepy.

Meet Your Hosts

Tori Bell

I am not just your typical mom friend. While yes mom may always be right, there are plenty of things in this world that cannot be explained. Many things hide in the dark but nothing is ever truly lost until mom can’t find it. As the things go bump in the night I will always be there to keep you safe no matter how scared I am on the inside. Always remember, take mom’s advice and never talk to strangers.

Malcolm McGothigan

Chaos comes in many forms, including me. A real life cryptid and self declared Mothman expert. I’ll give you fatherly advice and guidance, but don’t tell your mom (she might not approve of my methods). Dad’s always have a wealth of worthless knowledge which can often help when hunting down the creatures lurking all around. Human or other. When things get scary dad is always here to chase away the monsters.